Venice Photo Day Tour

Venice Photo Day Tour
Venice Photo Day Tour
Venice Photo Day Tour

€ 300 group (4-5 people) - € 90 per individual
20% deposit

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  • Led by a local professional photographer and professional tour guide
  • A personalized private tour
  • Venture off the beaten track
  • Explore the city and experience it like a local.

What you get

  • Find the right camera settings
  • Broaden your technical knowledge and improve the way you use your camera, thanks to dedicated technical assistance
  • Learn how to create a perfect composition
  • Learn how to select and discard pictures
  • Learn the basics of street photography
  • Discover and familiarise yourself with Venice, a stimulating and genuine city, and experience it like a local
  • Learn stories and curiosities that are integral to one of the world’s unique cities, thanks to an expert local resident
  • Enjoy the finest regional food and drink
  • Spend a fun and relaxing day pursuing your hobby

Scheduled Time

About 3 hours (approx 3 km) - morning or afternoon.

Morning tour Afternoon tour
April - May - June 8am - 12pm / 9am - 1pm 4pm - 8pm / 5pm - 9pm
July - August 7am - 11am / 8am - 12pm 4pm - 8pm / 5pm - 9pm
September - October 8am - 12pm / 9am - 1pm 2pm - 6pm / 3pm - 7pm
⇒ Time schedule will change according with the period to avoid the hot and the wet heat (especially in summer) and to enjoy the hours with the best light. Any change can be done following email’s requests

Terms of sales

You can pay all in advance or choose to pay just a deposit and balance the final payment either in cash or with Transferwise, PayPal after the tour.
⇒If you need to cancel, Advise me at least 24hr earlier and you will be completely refund. If you book and you cancel the same day you will lose the deposit.
If I am forced to cancel I will advise you immediately and you will be completely refunded, check the phone and the email!!
If you don’t show up you’ll lose your deposit; you have to to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time otherwise the tour will be considered cancelled and you won’t be refunded.

⇒Photographic equipment is not provided - the tour will cater for different levels of technical skills and equipment. Please specify the model of your camera and your photographic expertise before booking.

A cultural photographic tour, opening up lesser known areas through glimpses of the city: quintessentially Venetian, idiosyncratic and incredibly charming. Off the beaten track, taking in distinct areas full of local character and tranquility to learn the basics of street photography.
The photography workshop offers a chance to enjoy local culture, to absorb Venetian history and local curiosities, and to enjoy the local cuisine during breaks on the walk through under the guidance of a local photographer and professional tour guidw.
An ideal service for families and groups that love photography, who wish to spend a day discovering the hidden beauties of this city with the opportunity of immortalising these memories. Technical assistance and advice is provided by a local photographer, as well as information on the aesthetics of Venice.


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