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Get the best from your iPhone !

Do you like the idea of a Day or Night Venice Photo Tour (small tripod is needed) but you don't have a professional mirrorless or reflex camera? Then the iPhone Photo Tour is perfect for you! Nowadays the device you hold in your hands for a long time is more powerful than you can imagine. It has many features that most of the people never even think abou, especially about photography. Yes, because you are holding an extremely performing camera!

On this walking tour, you will explore the great features of your iPhone as you never did before. You will discover the great power of your device while discovering the most instagrammable places in Venice. When you got your phone you just didn't get an expensive fancy tool, you got yourself something extremely powerful, something able to express an unbeliavable quality despite of its size. Trust me: nowadays iPhones can produce incredible detailed files, in different formats according with your necessities during both day and night.

During the iPhone Photo Tour, you will enjoy charming and stunning moments at sunrise or sunset or during a beautiful day, while finding out history pills, iconic locations and hidden highlights of the city.

In the meanwhile you will be able to take photos and videos with your phone to create great content for your social media and you rmemories– both from locations that are only known by locals and from the most instagrammable places of Venice. Of course, if you need also pictures to print out I will tell you how to do it., you just need to ask me: I am a professional photographer, I explored and studied the potentialities of our phone!

#Instagrammable Venice
#Instagrammable Venice
#Instagrammable Venice

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Highlights of the iPhone Photo Tour

  • Led by me, Riccardo, a local professional photographer and licensed tour guide
  • You can customize your private Venice by Night or Day Photography Tour
  • You will enjoy the best of Venice and venture off the beaten path
  • You will learn how to get the best from you iPhone while improving your photography skills
⇒ Photo shooting on request

What you get with the iPhone Photo Tour

  • The chance to get amazing pictures directly on your phone with awesome photos of the most beautiful places in Venice
  • The opportunity to learn more about your iPhone being able to use it as a real professional camera
  • The chance to know the basics of photography that will allow you to take awesome pictures
  • The opportunity to learn the right camera settings for night photography (tripod is needed)
  • Suggestions about how to edit the photos using specific apps
  • A unique, tailor made experience in a magic city
  • A resident licensed tour guidethat allows you to live Venice like a local
  • A fun and relaxing photo tour
  • The possibility to be picked up at your hotel or at an easy meeting point based on the route of the tour

Scheduled Time

Duration: About 3 hours

Terms of sales

—> You can pay all in advance or choose to pay just a deposit and balance the final payment either with different methods:

- Bank Transfer
- Cash
- Credit Card
- PayPal (5% more) after the tour.

⇒If you need to cancel, Advise me at least 48hr earlier and you will be completely refund. If you book and you cancel the same day you will lose the deposit.
If I am forced to cancel I will advise you immediately and you will be completely refunded, check the phone and the email!!
If you don’t show up you’ll lose your deposit; you have to to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time otherwise the tour will be considered cancelled and you won’t be refunded.

⇒Photographic equipment is not provided - the tour will cater for different levels of technical skills and equipment. Please specify the model of your camera and your photographic expertise before booking.


180€ for about 3 hours private tour (Day Photo Tour)
80€ deposit
250€ for about 3 hours private tour (Night Photo Tour)
100€ deposit
You can be maximum 4 people (with or without camera) Extra persons, up to a maximum of 6 in total 30€ each

Being a photographer myself, I know the importance of pictures for different purposes. To preserve your unforgettable memories, on your computer, on your phone or even on paper if you decide to frame some of them! Maybe you want to share them on your social media platforms to share them with your friends. Or you want them to create great content for your activity, sharing your travels and experiences around the world can really make a difference for your audience… and consequently, for you and your job.

I also know how difficult is to bring a big camera around, then going home and working on pictures. With new iPhones now, according with your aim, you can take incredible photos. You will snap shots characterized by an incredible quality and unbelievable stunning details, especially during night photography (small tripod is needed). Since I am not only am I a photographer but also also a licensed tour guide I will take you through secret alleys, I'll show you the most spectacular spots of the city and unveil some curiosities that you would never know otherwise.

Come with me and get the most from your device: take the iPhone Photo Tour and learn how to create awesome photographic content wherever you are, just with you iPhone!


To check availability and know more about the tours or for any other kind of request, contact us. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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/ Who I am

I have been living in Venice for years and developed a great understanding for the city. I’m a landscape, urban and portrait photographer with a degree in art history. I enjoy walking around and getting lost in the beauty of a place to get in tune with it in order to catch its true allure. Being in love with this city is what makes the difference from simply being an expert of it, know its soul is the only way to get “her” essence, and what I want is just to help everyone to achieve this magic connection.