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I have been living in Venice for years and developed a great understanding for the city. From the hidden locations, the amazing perspectives, and the strikingly beautiful areas unknown to tourists along with anything else that visitors wouldn’t be able to find by themselves in a city like this.
I’m a landscape, urban and portrait photographer with a degree in art history. I enjoy walking around and getting lost in the beauty of a place to get in tune with it in order to catch its true allure.

Being in love with this city is what makes the difference from simply being an expert of it, know its soul is the only way to get “her” essence, and what I want is just to help everyone to achieve this magic connection.


My greater belief is that the capacity to understand that what you wish to immortalize is more important than the image you will take and merits more attention than we are giving it.
Therefore I believe in the capacity to know how to appreciate and admire the subjects that will make preferably our photos great, that will translate into the capacity to enter into contact and dialogue with our own emotions and identity, peculiar and unique just like our own photographic vision.

The main purpose of my tours is to give visitors the ability to create unique photo album of Venice by taking advantage of all the secret areas the city rarely seen by tourists. This grants you the opportunity to a more cultural experience by enjoying all the history the city has to offer while not wasting time as to see as many attractions as possible.

I’m offering a service to anyone who wants to unleash their creativity through pictures taken visiting the most particular places in town with constant technical assistance that include photographic technique lessons on the spot.
This is for anyone who wishes to improve their skills with reflex or normal digital cameras and learn to shoot with the mind, not only through a camera.

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To check availability and know more about the tours or for any other kind of request, contact us. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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