Photo Night Venice Tour

Discover the real allure of the city

You’re about to visit one of the most beautiful and unique cities on Earth. During the day you’re going to observe it – but if you want to reach its true soul, you need to explore Venice by Night with my photography tour.

I’ve been living in Venice for many years, during which I had the chance to deeply get to know it. That’s why I love this city so much: it can be crazy sometimes, but I know all the hidden quiet corners where you can hear its whispers – and I will take you there during the Venice by Night Photography Tour.

It’s a service that I offer to both beginner and expert photographers, because – being a photographer myself – I know how hard it can be to take pictures in the dark. It’s going to be like a walking workshop, where I’ll show you how to get the best from your camera at night, discovering new tricks and functions and using them to capture the charm of Venice by night.

Venice Photo Night Tour
Venice Photo Night Tour
Venice Photo Night Tour

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Highlights of the Venice by Night Photography Tour

  • Led by me, Riccardo, a local professional photographer and licensed tour guide
  • You can customize your private Venice by Night Photography Tour
  • You will have have Venice to yourself so that you can reach its true soul
  • You will learn how to get the best of Venice night photography

What you get with the Venice by Night Photography Tour

  • The opportunity to learn the right camera settings for night photography (tripod is needed)
  • The chance to deepen and improve the ability to use your camera thanks to dedicated technical assistance by a professional photographer
  • The possibility to understand how to create the perfect composition, how to select and discard pictures, how to manage different exposures and mix them
  • A whole new point of view on the city: Venice by night must be experienced with your soul, not just your eyes
  • A resident licensed tour guidethat allows you to live Venice like a local
  • A lot of information and curiosities that you won’t find on tourist guides about one of the most unique cities in the world
  • An exciting and tone-of-a-kind night exploring Venice while immersing in your hobby
  • The possibility to be picked up at your hotel or at an easy meeting point based on the route of the tour

Scheduled Time

Duration: About 2,5 hours (approx 2 km) - Usually from Sunset to Night / Night / Night to Sunrise

Sunset to Night Night Night to Sunrise
April - May - June 7:30pm - 10:00pm 9pm - 11:30am 4:30am - 7am
July - August 8pm - 10:30pm 10pm - 12:30am 5am - 7:30am
September - October 6pm - 8:30pm 8pm - 10:30am 5:30am - 8am

⇒ Time schedule will change according with sunset and sunrise of the period to enjoy the hours with the best light. Any change can be done following email’s requests

Terms of sales

You can pay all in advance or choose to pay just a deposit and balance the final payment either with different methods:

- Bank Transfer
- Cash
- Credit Card
- PayPal (5% more)

⇒If you need to cancel, Advise me at least 24hr earlier and you will be completely refund. If you book and you cancel the same day you will lose the deposit.
If I am forced to cancel I will advise you immediately and you will be completely refunded, check the phone and the email!!
If you don’t show up you’ll lose your deposit; you have to to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time otherwise the tour will be considered cancelled and you won’t be refunded.

Photographic equipment is not provided - the tour will cater for different levels of technical skills and equipment. Please specify the model of your camera and your photographic expertise before booking.


250€ for about 2,5 hours private tour
You can be maximum 4 people (with or without camera).
Extra persons, up to a maximum of 6 in total 40€ each.
100€ deposit

If you’re a professional photographer and you already know how to use your gear, this Venice photography tour is still ideal for you. I will help you discover stunning corners of the city that you would have never imagined and whose photos will give a special value to your portfolio.

The Venice by Night Photography Tour will give you the chance to have the city to yourself and explore secret areas, rarely seen by tourists. You won’t have to worry about the presence of people in your shots or about visiting all the main attractions one after another. Nights are made to take it slow and to see things from a different perspective: that’s why I’m going to take you off the beaten path, where Venice shows its best and most magical side

You will walk its evocative streets with me, Riccardo, a professional tour guide and photographer. Not only will I offer you a workshop about Venice night photography, but I will also enrich your experience from a cultural and historical point of view.

The Venice by Night Photography Tour is different from anything you’ve experienced before, I promise!.


To check availability and know more about the tours or for any other kind of request, contact us. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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/ Who I am

I have been living in Venice for years and developed a great understanding for the city. I’m a landscape, urban and portrait photographer with a degree in art history. I enjoy walking around and getting lost in the beauty of a place to get in tune with it in order to catch its true allure. Being in love with this city is what makes the difference from simply being an expert of it, know its soul is the only way to get “her” essence, and what I want is just to help everyone to achieve this magic connection.